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Illustration of Alex Carlson

welcome to the site of an illustrator who enjoys the finer things in life… Like Bic pens.

A new year and a new start!

2012 was a whirlwind of a year.  Having left Converse to come to PUMA and all the travel my new job has required of my, there have been so many changes for better and worse.  (Mostly better though.)

My resolution this year is to draw at least one non work related thing everyday this year.  I feel like since i left college i’ve fallen off the wagon with my personal work.  Im finding myself very out of practice and its really hard to feel myself struggle with once familiar subjects.  It happens to the best of us, so heres to a new start!

For my first post of the year, heres my drawing from last night.  This small comic features my adorable yet asshole cat, Morris.



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I finally got around to finishing a painting this weekend.  I feel like i let myself get out of practice a lot for no reason.  I find painting to be so rewarding, i need to make sure i do it more!  Say hello to my little Ghost, he’s about 8”x 10” and done in acrylic on masonite. The scan didn’t do the pink in the background justice (as often is the case with scanners) but my little Ghost is looking pretty snazzy!  This one’s finding a home with a friend of mine out in the midwest.

Hopefully i’ll update again soon with more little monster paintings!

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hey guys- so tomorrow im moving to a new place.  I’ve been living in the same house for a little over 3 years and i love it but have begun to feel like its time to move on.  I’ll still be in Boston very close to my old place actually so that will be nice.  While putting things together i’ve come across a lot of art that i’ve also been feeling like its time to move on from.  These are things that as much as i may still like them, i’m ready to have someone else enjoy them.  The prices listed in red in the picture attached and ive also included links to better pictures of a few things.  If you are outside of Boston and are interested in any of the pieces, please get in contact with me as shipping can get pretty high for some of the bigger pieces.

email me at with any questions or offers!  thank you!

Both cardboard Bat Monsters (center far right) are SOLD

king of thieves (lower right)

bike boston framed print (center left) SOLD

king Leer (center left) SOLD

Eric (Top Right) SOLD

nude model, (bottom left)

small monster (center top) SOLD

zombie (bottom center) SOLD

Wild Hunt (top left)

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for some reason Valentine’s has been on my mind.  That and the beginning of the 2012/13 NHL season.  With as much fun as i had with the flash sheet i did a few months back for the love of hockey, i had to follow up with a little goalie love.  I would have made him a little Tim Thomas or Tukka, but i know not all of you out there are Bruins fans.  If anyone has any interest in having a little custom one done, get at me and id be happy to draw one up with whatever team colors!

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Life has been very busy with work these days, hence the lack of posting.  I sat down today though to so alittle drawing for myself and go figure, it involves wolves.  I’m in the process of laying in some shading and color with watercolor tonight.  For now, enjoy the line work!

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If you look through my portfolio and posts you would probably assume I’m a huge Bruins fan and you’d be 100% correct.

Though our season ended earlier then i would have liked this year, I made this in honor of the best game on Earth.

For the Love of Hockey and the love of Tattoos!

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everyone needs a hobby.  Mine used to be art until it became part of my job.  To try and prevent myself from getting burned out on design or illustration I often turn to sewing, quilting, and embroidery.

I guess I’m at that age where a lot of my close friends are beginning families and having kids- this has been a great outlet for my quilting.  I love to make baby blankets and with every one i do, i get a little better and learn more techniques.

I get a lot of help from my cats too!

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